Tatonka Kettle

Lightweight mess kit made of stainless steel, consisting of saucepan and frying pan. +

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Cooking set consisting of saucepan and frying pan. Saucepan with measuring scale. The Kettle set is made up of a pot and pan, which can be used as saucepan lid or even as a plate. This makes Kettle a varied and lightweight complete set that can be packed away without taking up too much space.

Manufacturer Tatonka
Name Kettle
Article number 4001 - 4002 - 4003 -4004
Materials Stainless Steel
Volume 1 L - 1,6 L - 2,5 L - 4 L
Dimensions 1 L : 14,5 x 10,5 cm - 1,6 L : 17,5 x 11,5 cm - 2,5 L : 20 x 12,5 cm - 4 L : 23,5 x 14 cm
Weight 1 L : 340 g - 1,6 L : 460 g - 2,5 L : 580 g - 4 L : 770 g
Color Brushed Stainless
Additional information

Dimensions / Weight 1 L : 

  • Pan (14,5 x 4 cm, 130 g) 
  • Pot (1,0 l, 13,5 x 8 cm, 210 g)

Dimensions / Weight 1,6 L : 

  • Pan (17,5 x 4 cm, 170 g) 
  • Pot (1,6 l, 16,5 x 9 cm, 290 g)

Dimensions / Weight 2,5 L : 

  • Pan (20 x 4 cm, 200 g)
  • Pot (2,5 l, 19,5 x 10 cm, 380 g)

Dimensions / Weight 4 L : 

  • Pan (23,5 x 4 cm, 260 g)
  • Pot (4,0 l, 23 x 11 cm, 510 g)

Country of Manufacture Vietnam

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  1. Built to last

    Review by Mugur

    (Posted on 16/12/2019)


    What can I say... I've bought them all :))

    I am a fan of food grade stainless steel (304/316) due to its corrosion resistance to acidic or basic dishes and higher warping (tensile strength) and melting temp. Safer for health than aluminum or PTFE (Teflon) and easier to clean and maintenance.

    - I bought 2.5l and 4l ones to extend capabilities of Trangia 27 and 25 cooking systems. Trangia 27 fits perfectly into Tatonka 2.5l as well as Trangia 25 into Tatonka 4l. I could have bought Trangia 2.5 and 4.5 liters billy cans but they are only built in plain aluminum or non-sticking Teflon. But, as I said above, I prefer food grade stainless steel over aluminum or PTFE (which contains PFOA).

    - The smaller one (1l) is good enough for one skinny person (or a fluffy bichon :D). I fit into it a Clikstand stove with wind screen, a Trangia alcohol stove and a Trangia pot gripper. The whole system (Trangia stove being empty) weighs 680 grams.

    - The 1.6l kettle is suitable for one or two person. I fit into it a Trangia Triangle and a Trangia alcohol burner stove, as well as a Trangia pot gripper. With alcohol stove empty, the whole system weighs less than 800 grams.

    One more thing I want to say. A pot wider than taller is better for advanced cooking like simmering or baking. Due to the larger distribution of heat it's more suitable for sauces, cakes or other dishes which need a good temperature control and heat distribution. A pot taller than wider like Zebra pots, which I also own all of them (10, 12, 14 and 16cm), is a faster boiler for tea, coffee, water disinfection or hydrating dehydrated food. Obviously, both types of pots can cook or boil but with amendments discussed above.

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