X-Boil FS Standard

Ultra-minimalist alcohol stove, includes burner, windscreen and bottle. +
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The X-Boil FS Standard is an artisanal alcohol stove made in Germany. Ultralight, it's hard to get much lighter than this and still perform as well. It's ideal for boiling water quickly, a minimalist design for one or two people. The kit includes:

An aluminium alcohol burner, 7 centimetres in diameter, weighing 17 grams: this is compatible with liquid alcohol, solid alcohol (such as Esbit tablets) and combustion gel (such as Fire Dragon). Inside there's a graphite felt pad (for use with liquid alcohol only), to ensure even combustion and prevent alcohol spillage.

A 7.4 cm high steel windscreen: Available in different diameters, this acts both as a windscreen for the burner and as a support for your popote, thanks to 3 small titanium legs. You can do without these 3 tabs and replace them with 2 titanium pegs, for example, as there are 4 holes at the top for this purpose. The windscreen can be unclipped so that it can be rolled up and stored in a pot.

A 30-millilitre bottle for carrying 8-gram methylated spirits: this stores enough alcohol for one use.

X-Boilt FS Standard is available in a range of sizes to fit your cooker. It is also designed to fit perfectly with Toaks brand products.

  • Size S: FS 90-100 Standard for a 9.0 to 10.0 cm pot, fits Toaks 550, 650 and 750.

  • Size M: FS 105-115 Standard for a 10.5 to 11.5 cm mug, fits Toaks 1100

  • Size L: FS 120-130 Standard for a mug from 12.0 to 1.30 cm, fits Toaks 1300

  • Size XL: FS 135-145 Standard for a 13.5 to 14.5 cm pot

Quantity of burner alcohol needed to boil water with an FS Standard (estimate varies according to ambient and water temperature):

  • 0.3 litres of water: approximately 8-11 grams of liquid alcohol

  • 0.5 litres of water: approximately 14-16 grams of liquid alcohol

  • 1.0 litre of water: approximately 24-26 grams of liquid alcohol

Manufacturer X-Boil
Name FS 90-100 Standard - FS 105-115 Standard - FS 120-130 Standard - FS 135-145 Standard
Fuel type Alcohol
Number of people 1-2 people
Materials Aluminium (burner), steel (windscreen), titanium (support)
Dimensions S : 90-100 mm - M : 105-115 mm - L : 120-130 mm - XL : 135-145 mm / Hauteur : 74 mm
Weight S : 64 g - M : 68 g - L : 73 g - XL : 77 g (without the bottle)
Additional information

The kit includes

  • The alcohol burner, with its felt cover
  • Windscreen, with 3 support legs
  • 30 ml bottle
Weight +++
Solidity ++
Power ++
Stability ++
Compact +++
Wind protection +++

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