Sawyer Tap Filter

Water filter for domestic use. It fits most domestic faucets. +
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The Sawyer Tap Filter is a water filtration system designed for domestic use. This water purifier eliminates biological contaminants and guarantees a potable water, therefore clean for human consumption.

It is a tap filter that you can use at home, in a cottage or while traveling (camper, vanlife...). This accessory will transform a doubtful water into drinking water. Easy to install, easy to use, it filters up to 1892 liters per day.

The Sawyer Tap Filter has also been designed for natural disasters: floods, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes. In these emergency situations, the quality of the water can be compromised and totally unfit for consumption.

Technically, it filters bacteria as small as 0.1 microns thanks to the hollow fiber micro-tubes (U shape). These fibers trap contaminants while maintaining a high water flow rate. The advantage of this filtration system is that it is quick to set up and that it is no longer necessary to store pre-filtered water. You filter directly!

0.1 micron means it prevents harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, leptospirosis, protozoa or cysts such as E.coli, Giardia, Vibrio cholerae and Salmonella typhi from passing through the filter.

The Sawyer Tap Filter comes with the Tap Filter membrane, adapters and tubing. This filter fits a tap diameter of 17 mm to 20 mm. The included adapters attach directly to other Sawyer threaded filters such as the Squeeze or Micro Squeeze, allowing you to use these filters on your faucet.

Effectively removes pathogens and ensures safe drinking water after filtration! Effective against bacteria, protozoa and removes 100% of microplastics. Pocket size filter for use in urban and rural areas, when traveling and when drinking water is compromised.

Manufacturer Sawyer
Product name Tap Filter
Article number SP134
EAN 0050716001341
Filter Type Hollow fiber filter membrane
Filter Size 0,1 micron
Cartridge Life 500 gallons / day
Effective against bacteria Oui
Effective against microorganisms Oui
Effective against particulate Oui
Effective against protozoa Oui
Dimensions 13,7 cm x 4 cm
Weight 115 g
Additional information

The Sawyer Tap Filter removes biological contaminants, guaranteeing immediate clean drinking water when you need it most. Great to use when traveling, during boil alerts, or in emergencies when safe drinking water is compromised, the Tap Filter is easy-to-use and will filter to up to 500 gallons of clean drinking water per day.

The Sawyer Tap Filter is certified at 0.1-micron filtration. This means there is no pore size larger than 0.1 micron in size, which makes it impossible for harmful bacteria (like salmonella or leptospirosis), protozoa, or cysts like E. coli, Giardia, Vibrio cholerae, and Salmonella typhi to pass through the filter.

Warranty 2 years
Country of Manufacture United States

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